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An integration of civilian interaction and civil information sharing

Project Preface

Meet the Team

Our Team Members

Combined background in statistics, international affairs, and public policy creates a unique group skillset.


Corinne Hatfield

International Affairs


Nick Lange

Public Policy & Administration


Anna Anello



Will Dolin

Public Policy & Administration

Problem Statement

Army Pacific commanders need a holistic understanding of the civil societies they are protecting in order to improve operational decision-making.

Data is gathered through various systems from both partnered government agencies and non-governmental organizations. The challenge then comes from storing this acquired data in a centralized platform.

While access to vast amounts of data can be helpful, data overload onsets quickly and creates challenges in understanding what data is useful. Furthermore, synthesizing large amounts of data can produce issues in pushing appropriate data in decision-making reports.

There is a potential difference in the data required for specific geographic locations within the Pacific Command so a shared understanding of appropriate data for decision making may sometimes not be achieved across intergovernmental partnerships. This leads to the issue of forces assigned to CAO or CMO to anticipate the information needs of the partner or supported agency.

Problem Themes

Application Solution

Data Lake

A powerful front and back end.

A centralized platform where you can store all your structured and unstructured data at any scale without the need to know what questions you might need answers for in the future.

Provides access through multi-factor authorization allowing users to transfer identity data between multiple parties and keep data encrypted

Allows you to collaborate and analyze the data without the need to move the data to a separate analytics platform which leads to faster decision making

Data collection improved through the ability to ingest data from all streams in a centralized platform with a managed storage layer so data is encrypted at rest.

Data analysis improved by the ability to query the relevant information allowing for a better understanding of what data to prioritize for smart and more predictive planning

Includes federated template that allows you to launch a version of the solution that is ready to integrate, improving the shared understanding of mission- critical efforts

  • CAO and CMO partners can collect and share data through the application into a condensed data lake platform.
  • Limiting data overload and keeping relevant information for each operating environment.
  • Secure information that can only be accessed by verified personnel.
  • Data analyzed though the data lake can then be shared through our app to improve knowledge of civil societies, and lead to more efficient, decision making.



Week 1

Team Inception and First Meeting with Problem Sponsors BG Dziubek and LTC Egnew


Week 2

Problem Statement Presentation


Week 3

MMC and VPC Presentation


Week 4

Meeting with LTC Egnew and others to discuss CIM Doctrine

and Ukraine Civil Information Report


Week 5

Presentation on Ukraine report and draft project solution


Week 6

CIM Process Presentation


Week 7

Presentation for application solution and general update 


Week 8

Presented website and updated VPCs and MMCs